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Circus Life

3rd grade, primary - 6th grade, primary

  • Can you believe it?!

    We've performed "Circus Life" in 29 different provinces of España.

  • Availability

    You can use our website to look for upcoming shows in your area and request reservations for your students.

  • Did you know ...?

    We've performed "Circus Life" 239 times for an audience since June, 2014 — and we still always have fun!

Circus Life

3rd grade, primary - 6th grade, primary

Meg siempre ha soñado con ser artista. Cuando el circo nacional visita su pueblo cree que sus sueños pueden convertirse en realidad. Ayuda a Meg a preparar su número y junto a ella conoce el mundo extraordinario del circo, lleno de colores, aplausos y aventuras descabelladas.