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That's Life!

3rd grade, secondary - 2nd year, high school

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    82,832 people have seen "That's Life!" since it was first performed for an audience in November, 2007. Really.

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    You can use our website to look for upcoming shows in your area and request reservations for your students.

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    We've performed "That's Life!" 380 times for an audience since November, 2007 — and we still always have fun!

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That's Life!

3rd grade, secondary - 2nd year, high school

John Doe is coming to the end of his life. When his time comes he asks the Grim Reaper how he it has all come to this. The Grim Reaper answers him by taking him on a journey through the key moments in his life and how he could have changed tcertain hings. Taking Shakespeare's famous "All the world's a stage..." speech as a reference and throwing in the jewel in the crown of British humour, Monty Python's The Meaning of Liife as well as Charles Dickens', "A Christmas Carol", Face 2 Face takes an hilarious look at the life of us all starting with infancy, passing through adolescence and into adulthood and old age. Philosophy and humour all wrapped into one fascinating journey.