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1st grade, secondary - 4th grade, secondary

  • Did you know ...?

    We've performed "Derailed" in 47 different provinces of España.

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    You can use our website to look for upcoming shows in your area and request reservations for your students.

  • Can you believe it?!

    We've performed "Derailed" 746 times for an audience since November, 2008 — and we still always have fun!

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1st grade, secondary - 4th grade, secondary

Climb aboard with Face 2 Face on a crazy train with no destination. Help Inspector Cluelez solve this famous murder mystery based on Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. The train is full of eccentric characters (lucky members of the audience), each possibly guilty of a horrible crime. Will Cluelez find the guilty party or will he hurtle to a premature death on the tracks? We will study transport vocabulary, helpful travel phrases and how to stay on your feet when this train derails!